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Our Values: Commitment to Safety, Respect for the Environment, Concern for Health


Safety is one of the priorities of our company, it is understood both for our own employees and for those of other companies likely to intervene on a site. Our policy is simple:


  • Strict compliance with current regulations.
  • Awareness of our employees on the risks of industrial accidents.
  • Protection of construction areas by signage.
  • Scrupulous examinations of the various machines and equipment.
  • Authorisation to operate machinery.


Preserving the health of our employees is also a priority, it allows to have the best skills at work, and to reach a high level of quality. Here too our rules are strict:


  • Regular medical examination required.
  • Provision of basic life with water.
  • Hotels with full board are reserved for them to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Respecting the environment is inevitably a key element when building wind foundations:


  • Limitation of waste, removal from approved landfills.
  • Measured use of sensitive products.
  • Scrupulous cleaning at the end of the site.

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